Detox Parasite Sweeper

Detox Parasite Sweeper

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Detox Parasite Sweeper - This herbal formula addresses the digestive system & parasites throughout the body. Parasitic infections occur when parasites grow, reproduce, or invade organ systems that make their hosts ill. Chronic constipation is described as a common complication determined by difficult and/or rare passage of stool or both. Some parasites and issues this mix address are nematode worms, thread-worms, tapeworms, ringworm, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, yeast infections, skin conditions, colds and bronchitis. This detox also helps with calcification removal, gut and cell cleaner, dissolve kidney stones, cleanse the lymphatic system, intestinal waste, blood purifier, heavy metals, harmful bacteria, cleans and strengthens the digestive tract, fungal removal, anti-inflammatory, gallstones, anti-cancer, acid removal, mucus, intra-cellular cell cleaning, constipation, digestion & oxygen delivery to the brain. 

Herbs: Cascara Sagrada, Wormwood, Black walnut Hull, Rhubarb root, Ginger root, Cleavers, Cloves, Thyme, Quassia, Pau D’Arco, Senna, Chaparral.

Cascara Sagrada – Constipation, digestive system treatment, gallstones, anti-cancer. 

Wormwood – Antiparasitic, antifungal, threadworm, tapeworms. 

Black Walnut Hull – Constipation, antibacterial, astringent, intestinal worms. 

Rhubarb – Constipation, acid reflux, hemorrhoids, cholesterol levels, canker sores.

Ginger – Prevents triglycerides, anti-inflammatory, digestion, anti-cancer.

Cleavers – Anti-cancer, skin issues, tumors, edema (excess fluid in the body, lymph glands, kidney & bladder stones, blood cleaner. 

Cloves - Prevents the growth of candidiasis, ulcers, anti-inflammatory. 

Thyme – Antimicrobial, mucus congestion, yeast infections, candidiasis, thrush, hookworms, roundworms, threadworms. 

Quassia – Prevents acid formation in the digestive process, expels worms, destroys parasites. 

Pau D'arco - Antiviral, kills bacteria, fungi and parasites. 

Senna Leaf - Has a laxative effect, expels worms and parasites from the intestine.

Chaparral - Antiviral, anticancer, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant blood cleaner, fever. 

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. There are three main classes of parasites that can cause disease in humans. Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have discovered cancer cells originating in a common tapeworm may take root in people with weakened immune systems, causing cancer-like tumors. Nov 4, 2015 

“Chronic constipation is described as a common complication determined by difficult and/or rare passage of stool or both. The difference in definition of constipation has led to a wide range of reported prevalence (i.e., between 1% and 80%). Various factors are involved in the pathogenesis of the disease, including type of diet, genetic predisposition, colonic motility, absorption, social economic status, daily behaviors, and biological and pharmaceutical factors.”  - US National Library of Medicine 
National Institutes of Health 2018 

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Ken Ford
Great product!!

This is a powerful drink. Taste is certainly not good, however it’s great when cleaning you out. As they say, the things taste bad is what works! Great product, will be ordering another bottle.

Nicole R.
Detox Parasite Sweeper

I’ve been ordering these products since the pandemic. The taste is something you never get used to, but the products work wonders for me. I love them & I’ll continue to order.

Martha Falls

Powerful stuff. Cleaned me out completely. It soothed my acid reflux. Tastes pretty strong but its worth it. I would recommend this to everyone.

Michele Griffith
Detox Sweeper

Works very well. You can feel this working.

Carlos Santiago
Love the products

Been using Jus drinks for years and never had an issue. Communication #1 and Service #1